Belize City, Belize, February 23, 2023: With over 15 years of experience in the forex industry, the CPlugin team offers end-to-end trading solutions for beginners and active traders/brokers. They provide software, web applications, server plugins, useful tools, JSON web API, and 24/7 technical support required by brokers, white labels, and IBs. MT4 or MT5 plugins give forex brokers a competitive advantage over others and expand possibilities to earn better profit. They provide reliable and affordable products designed to meet individual requirements and they also customize products to meet your special demands. They work with the aim to help forex brokers and solve problems by automating their business.

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Popular trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 come with default functionality to set up brokerage operations. However, as your business starts to grow, in-built functionality may fall short of brokers’ requirements, and you need additional plugins to streamline operations. Thanks to the programming team of CPlugin, they have developed plenty of MT4/MT5 plugins and add-ons to help automate and optimize your internal processes to accelerate business growth. With plugins and useful tools, forex brokers can automate risk management, streamline the IB remuneration process, and optimize dealing operations. Each product is complemented with a reliable hosting plan and technical support that enable brokers to fine-tune their business operations and reach new heights in the forex industry.

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are powerful and functional trading platforms. But to make them even more versatile and automate your business processes, you can develop a special plugin that can be integrated into your existing trading platform to manage multiple accounts. CPlugin is a passionate programming team specialized in developing tailored solutions for forex brokers, including JSON web API, MT4 server manager, MT4/MT5 plugins, dynamic leverage plugin, AMF compliance, advanced report server, GAP helper, and various web applications. Each pack comes with a special hosting plan and license period so you can pay as you consume resources. Thus, brokers will be able to aggregate clients’ positions in one place with a combination of different copying modes, exposure per symbol, and comprehensive data.

JSON web API for MT4 comes with best-in-class features to manage servers remotely via HTTP-enabled clients, from anything connected to the internet. It allows you to manage your servers from PHP/ASP/Go/JS/Perl and automate tasks using PowerShell/Curl scripts run by a scheduler or make financial analyses using Matlab and Excel. You can create, request, update, delete users, orders, and server settings, make deposits, change leverage, and manage everything else in between. Having the cloud infrastructure, it works 24/7 from various regions to provide the least data access latency, and hence, you always connect to the closest instance. And the best part? You can pay as you go after you consume the whole free tier available every month. 

About CPlugin:

CPlugin is a professional programming team that offers ready-made software for MT4/MT5 brokers and develops customized solutions. The store includes a variety of MT4/MT5 server plugins, JSON web API, web applications, and useful tools, combined with 24/7 technical support to help forex brokers automate their tasks and accelerate business growth. Their expertise lies within a diverse background, unique products/ or services, and special assistance they provide in the forex industry.

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P.O. Box 2140 Suite 101, 1885 

Driftwood Bay Belize City Belize

Ph: +44 20 2858 8888

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