As a parent, you want your child to grow up to be an independent, responsible person. One of the best ways to make sure they'll turn out that way is by giving them proper primary education at Los Gatos elementary schools, or wherever you stay. Here are five things kids learn from their teachers and fellow students in those years:

1. The principle of learning

The principle of learning is the most important thing you can learn. The principle of learning is that you can only learn by doing.

You can't learn something if you don't do it, so if there's something that your child wants to be good at or learn more about, then they should try their best to do it as much as possible. Learning is a process, not an event, it takes time and lots of practice.

2. Self-control in daily behavior

Self-control is a key attribute of a good student. It helps children to make good decisions in life and be responsible for their actions. Self-control also helps children to be confident, positive, and happy by controlling their emotions.

Children learn self-control through many activities that they do at school such as playing games, singing songs, or doing art projects.

3. How to co-operate with others

Cooperation is a skill that kids learn at school, but it's also something that they use in their daily lives. As they grow up, kids will have to work with others to achieve their goals and get things done. For example, when you're writing an essay together with your classmates or working on a project for school, you need to be able to cooperate with them by sharing ideas and helping each other out when needed.

Cooperation is also important outside the classroom because it helps us live together peacefully in society. We need people who are willing to join forces with us on projects or events so we can accomplish more than we could alone! That means kids need to practice being part of groups where everyone works together towards common goals--which is exactly what happens when children go through primary education at elementary schools.

4. Respect for others' feelings and rights

• Respect for others' feelings and rights.

• It's important to respect the feelings of other people.

• This can be done by listening when someone is talking, not interrupting them, and not criticizing their ideas or opinions.

• It's also important to respect their rights (like the right not to be hurt). For example, if you are angry with someone who has hurt your feelings in some way, it would be better not to yell at them because that would make them feel bad too.

5. A sense of responsibility for their own actions

Primary education at elementary schools is a time when children learn how to be responsible for their own actions. They begin to understand that they can't just blame others or have someone else clean up after them but instead must own up to what they do and make sure that it's done right. This sense of responsibility carries over into adulthood, where people are expected to take care of themselves without relying on others' help all the time.

A good example of this type of learning is in math class: when you're taught how much money each item costs at the store (or online), you'll likely be given a list of ingredients needed for cooking so you know exactly what goes into making something delicious like cookies or cake batter. The ability to follow directions correctly helps develop this sense of responsibility because if there are mistakes made while following along with instructions--even if only by accident--then those mistakes need to be corrected before moving forward again with whatever activity was being done beforehand.

Children who are given proper primary education contribute positively to society in the future

Primary education is important because it teaches children how to be good citizens, work with others, respect others, and be responsible for themselves.

I think it's very important for kids to learn these things because if they don't know them then they won't be able to make friends or get along with other people when they grow up. If we want our kids to grow up in a better world than ours then we need them to be taught these things right now so that way when they get older they will know what is right or wrong when making decisions on their own lives; especially when dealing with other human beings.


Kids who are given proper primary education at Los Gatos elementary schools, or elsewhere, will grow up to be people who can contribute positively to society in the future. This is because they will have learned some very important life skills that they need in order to live well and be happy. They will know how to control their behavior, work together with others on projects, and treat others with respect and responsibility for their actions as well as feelings.