Aluminium composite sheets are gaining immense popularity because of the amazing benefits that it provides, not only it is lightweight but also easy to install. 

The facade of the building is the first thing that is usually noticed by people when they see a building, office, or home. Every building has a soul and the soul is what represents you and your brand. Some of the greatest buildings in the world have a great soul but the real question is what if architects had different options when they were building them? 

Traditional materials such as concrete, wood, and steel are not very easy materials to be creative with thanks to modern architecture and modern materials such as aluminium composite panel roofing sheets and various other materials, it has become easier to be more creative when designing the building.

1. Durable Material

One of the main reasons why you should use aluminium composite panels is because they are made of durable material. This amazing quality of aluminium composite materials makes it easier to create shapes as other materials don't help in creating designs. With the help of aluminium panels, you will be able to create a look that's highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Aluminium panels have the quality of easily being folded, drilled, bent, and perforated without losing any structural integrity. This is possible only because of the flexibility that aluminium panels can only provide. Aluminium composite panels are extremely durable and keep the capability to last for 30 years.

2. Light Weight 

Another reason to use aluminium composite panels is that aluminium is extremely light in weight. As compared to steel, aluminium is 66% lighter which makes it a perfectly suitable alternative. Aluminium panels are the lightest in the industry. For example, 3mm thick Alucobond panels weights about 5.9 kilograms per square meter, and 3mm thick Vitrabond panels weigh 4, 6 kilograms per square meter.

3. Highly Functional 

Aluminum is highly functional and this is the reason why it is used in a large variety of aluminum systems and panels from Alucobond, Vitrabond, and others. They provide functional characteristics such as thermal, sound, and wind insulation. These are also earthquake-safe and fire-resistant. 

Some of those functional characteristics help in lowering energy costs. Some of the other functionalities of aluminum composite panels are that they are anti-graffiti and easy to clean, resistant to corrosion, and can be recycled. 

4. Corrosion Resistant 

Aluminum materials are pre-treated which means that they have a protective coat that helps in keeping them corrosion-resistant. Even if aluminum panels weren't protected they would still be corrosion resistant because it creates a thin layer of aluminum oxide that makes them corrosion resistant. In case your building is located in an extreme location, a special coat and special maintenance have to be adopted so that your aluminium composite panels can be protected.

5. Low Maintenance Cost 

Compared to the maintenance of wood, steel, or solid walls that are made of concrete, the cost and effort of maintaining aluminium cladding systems are very low. In case, your building is located in a rural area you should clean your that aluminium panels once per year. On the other hand, in the urban area, you can clean them once or twice per year. In areas, where rainfall is low and coastal areas, they should be cleaned at least twice a year. Besides, aluminium composite panels don't have to be cleaned very often and their cleaning process is very easy.


These are some of the reasons why you should use aluminium composite panels. Aluminium composite panels provide numerous benefits from saving money to providing durability. And you can even notice that most of the restaurant owners even prefer the addition of awing because it provides extended shade and more dining space for the customers. You can look for a contractor that provides awning in Singapore or elsewhere and hire someone who can provide you with quality services at a reasonable rate.