For ages, healthcare providers relied on traditional methods to assess patients and may recommend a detailed diagnostic approach like ultrasound or X-ray. However, we are now in the third decade of the 21st century and digital advancements have drastically changed the way practitioners do diagnosis.

So, what are those must-have devices for doctors in today’s time? One is a stethoscope; the latest model can amplify heart and lung sounds that result in accurate diagnosis. Another is telemedicine kits to help people living in rural communities and hard-to-reach areas access healthcare facilities.

Let’s talk about these two medical instruments in detail.

1. Sojro Telemedicine Kits for Disaster and Military Preparedness

Sojro telemedicine kits are designed to deliver high-quality healthcare for home care, primary health, hospitals, ambulances, disaster, and military situations. It contains a premium diagnostic kit that can be used in areas with limited infrastructure and connectivity.

It allows frontline workers to capture, store, and transmit patient data and images in diagnostic quality and connect specialists via video consultation using MDConsults Global®. Most kits come with power backups to use in emergencies and military zones.

Sojro military telemedicine kit is a highly advanced portal device for disaster and military preparedness and response. This will come in handy to reach the most vulnerable population to prevent and respond to medical problems.


• A rugged telemedicine bag that can handle challenging situations in most disasters.

• You can connect it to multiple networks. These devices are used to transfer data and images in real-time or store them for later examination.

• Easy to charge and also comes with power backup.

• The device is resistant to heat, fire, and water so that people can use them for telehealth consultation in any situation.

List of devices included:

• Digital stethoscope

• Wireless otoscope and dermascope

• Wired iris scope

• Vital signs monitor + 3-lead ECG

• Ultrasound probe

• Fetal doppler

• Telemedicine software

• Windows Tablet

• Power backup

• Noise cancellation

2. eSteth Stethoscope

eSteth is a go-to brand for a high-quality stethoscope, known for its comprehensive range, unique design, and high-quality sounds. It comes in various variants, but in this guide, we will talk about one of the models designed for cardiology assessment.

eSteth Cardio Stethoscope

eSteth cardio stethoscope is a good quality stethoscope with a metallic finish and a broad headset of 31 inches. It can amplify high and low frequencies and prove to be useful in medical situations. The chest piece is covered in a non-chill ring to make patients feel optimal comfort.

It is a professional tool for cardio diagnostics with ultra-sensitive single-head chest piece, a broad headset, extra ear tips, and 30-inch tubing. This is an excellent device to boost your medical career. 


• Durable – Made with a stainless steel head for durability and better sound

• Ideal for critical situations – It is specialised in cardiology and helps practitioners examine heartbeats in an emergency.

• Flexible movement – The long PVC tubing allows you to move quickly and comfortably even when you are checking patients.


As you can witness, digital health is bringing revolution and enhancing diagnostic methods, communication, health education, and point-of-care devices. It is certain in the 21st century that as we progress through a new decade, we are going to see more technological advancements disrupting the healthcare landscape for good.

The above-listed devices can help doctors, nurses, and students to monitor patients’ health parameters better and share results with other specialists. When needed, they can show immense potential in remote and underdeveloped regions as well.