Ever since fire got discovered by humans, people have been eager to cook with it. Over time, cooking techniques have become a lot more sophisticated, efficient, portable, and compact. In today's world, one of the leading and most beneficial methods of cooking is called "induction."

Finding an induction cooktop 2 burner supplier who provides a good product and after-sale support services can be a hard task but will be all that worth it.

Here are the advantages that you can gain with induction cooktop cooking:

1. Induction Cooking is Faster 

One of the biggest advantages of cooking on an induction cooktop is that it helps in cooking food much faster than any other traditional means. Because of the electromagnetic cycle, about 50 percent of your average cooking time can be saved in cooking your favorite meals.

Induction cooktops use electromagnetism to heat the molecules in your pots and pans. The magnetic field vibration is what creates heat which ultimately cooks your food. Induction works instantaneously so your utensil warms up really fast and increases the cooking process.  

2. It is Environment Friendly 

Since induction cooking is faster than any other means of traditional cooking, it uses much less energy. It generates almost less residual heat, which means the heat will be in the pot or pan and will not be coming from the stovetop itself. This results in less energy usage which automatically helps reduce energy bills.

Induction is the most energy-efficient cooking technology because it helps in heating your pan right away. Induction cooking requires very less amount of ventilation so it's a great solution for city dwellers, or homes where venting outside can be a problem.

3. Induction Cooking is Safer  

Induction uses an electromagnetic reaction to heat the contents in the utensils. The burner remains less hot than any other regular electric burner throughout the process. The best part is that within a few minutes of turning off the burner, both the utensil and burner become much cooler.

Fast cooling is one of the biggest reasons why induction is the safest method of cooking. Induction cooking is considered a great option especially if you live with young children or aging family members because it is much safer than other traditional means of cooking. The induction cook top cannot be turned on by accident. 

4. It Never Gets Messy 

Cleaning up after a session of induction cooking is a breeze and a fun process. The glass cooktop is very easy to maintain and can be cleaned up in just a single sweep and since the stove stays cool throughout, food seldom sticks to it.

Induction cooktops are a lot different than radiant electric cooktops. With regular cooktops, a heating coil under the cooking surface heats the glass which heats your utensil. If by mistake, you spill while cooking on a radiant electric cooktop, burnt circles over time will appear all over the cooktop which will be very difficult to clean. 


There are a lot of advantages to cooking on an induction cooktop and this is the reason why they have gained immense popularity. If you are looking for a built-in vitroceramic hobs supplier then you should find someone who provides a good quality product at a reasonable price.